[CT Birds] Buteo ID solution

Greg Hanisek ghanisek at rep-am.com
Fri Jan 4 15:49:07 EST 2013

I sent Joe my answer - Red-tail - last night but apparenbtly didn't copy in 
the list. As Julian notes, the big carpal patches of a Rough-leg are absent, 
and in that spot you can see the dark "comma" mark of a Red-tail. The angle 
ofn the tail is severe, but I think it's pretty clear that the broad dark 
subterminal band of a Rough-legged is missing. I think sun glare off snow is 
probably making the overall colors more starkly black and white than they 
really are.

Greg Hanisek

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> Joe,
> I believe your bird is a Red-tail. The underparts are well lit by snow (?) 
> and
> look overly contrasty with the dark belly streaks. There is a lack of 
> prominent
> carpal patches that a Rough-legged would show. The far wing has a 
> relatively
> plain looking upperwing, which again would fit red-tailed. The underpart 
> on a
> pale morph Rough-legged would look different than this with a more solid 
> looking
> belly. Jerry Liguori, author of the great Hawks at a Distance had also 
> seen
> these photos and independently reached the same conclusion. Hope this 
> helps in
> your debate.
> Julian
> Julian Hough
> New Haven, CT 06519
> www.naturescapeimages.wordpress.com
> All-
> Was wondering if you can help settle a debate on one of the  forums I post 
> on.
> This bird was seen in Hadley, MA the other day and  has caused an 
> interesting
> debate as to whether it's a Rough-legged or  Red-tailed.
> I've yet to see a RL, but I'm having problems making this into a 
> Red-tailed.
> Any thoughts?
> The two pictures can be found here:
> http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e146/justindlawson/LAW_0841_zps6acb59e6.jpg
> http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e146/justindlawson/LAW_0842_zpsa1a35fa9.jpg
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