[CT Birds] An Afternoon with Geese

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 5 18:07:37 EST 2013

It’s a nice winter afternoon and I have decided to check out my aforementioned gargantuan gaggle of geese. I am determined to teach myself the finer points of goose identification. Here before me are maybe 10,000 geese. There must be a Cackling Goose in there somewhere, and I am going to find it.  I scan the geese…wait. That one is a little smaller with a shorter bill. No, it was the perspective. Now that one is a little different…is it a Richardson’s?  Maybe a Lesser Canada goose?  After two hours I have looked at every single goose in this (expletive deleted) flock and their incessant honking is driving me nuts. 

There are those among you who could stand next to me and declare,  “ See that second one from the end? It was the seventh of nine hatchlings born in 2002 on a small pond just outside St. Louis Missouri.” I envy you. How do you do it?

On the hike out, I notice two pure white geese with black fringes and short bills. Snow geese. At last, I have identified something other than Canadas. Or wait…could they be Ross’s geese?  I know my brain is not fully functioning now. I will return another day.


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