[CT Birds] Redpolls, Siskins and fox sparrow - Barkhamsted

Fran Zygmont fzygmont at charter.net
Sun Jan 6 16:30:36 EST 2013

Barkhamsted yard - ~60 Common Redpolls, 7 Pine Siskins, 1 Fox Sparrow, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Brown Creeper, 2 Ring-necked Pheasants, 1 ad Bald Eagle and 2 Pileated Woodpeckers. 

Couple of the redpolls were frosty but no where near hoary consideration. 

Barkhamsted Reservior - 2 Common Loons 

Also had a Barred Owl for ~2 hours along Rte 20 at a swamp just north of Highview Rd in Riverton. Looked okay but likely very hungry to be out in the open ~9-11am on same branch. Gave lots of distance to not disturb. 


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