[CT Birds] Lots of birdies in Collinsville this morning

Sarah Faulkner sffaulkner at comcast.net
Sun Jan 6 18:29:49 EST 2013

Collinsville yard: the finches were up early, skittish, and gone by 8:30 before the resident sharpie arrived --- but they included:

2 pine siskins
4 American goldfinches
2 purple finches
1 house finch
1 redpoll (looked hoary -- very light -- but I'm not confident of that id)
1 pine grosbeak (female).  That's the third time I've had a pine grosbeak, but they are definitely not "regulars".  Very little fruit left on the trees/vines here.

plus the usual assortment of:
dark-eyed juncoes
song sparrows
white-throated sparrows
tree sparrows
house sparrows
tufted titmice
blue jays
downy woodpeckers
white breasted nuthatches

Sarah Faulkner
Collinsville, CT

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