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Dear Paul, What yard bird contest are you talking about? Please repost what this 
is about. -WinieWirth, Milford
P.S. I enjoy your posts.

Answer: The suggestion was to have a competition to count the most bird species 
you see in your yard for 2013.

What is a yard-? 
 for those with small yards, it might be fair to have an acre as a  minimum 
size. If you have less than an acre, than measure out from your  house on all 
sides with your house in the middle, one square acre.(or you can have your house 
anywhere within.) If  you have more than an acre, than do the same - an acre 
with your house  in the middle. This way, it will be a fair contest for all, no 
mater  what kind of property you might have.
This does not include birds you see from your property that are off your 
property. You can only count birds flying directly over your property line.

Good luck, have fun and start counting! Their are at least 19 people i know who 
are counting for this list so far -  Paul

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