[CT Birds] Shopping Center Crows

David F Provencher david.f.provencher at dom.com
Tue Jan 8 11:27:41 EST 2013

Running errands yesterday afternoon I stopped at the Shop Rite Shopping Center on the west side of Norwich. The local annual winter crow roost is quite near there this year, as it is most winters really. I've always thought Fish Crows could be renamed Shopping Center Crows as I have always encountered the largest numbers of them at such locales, and yesterday was no exception. With many hundreds of American Crows surrounding the plaza, at least two dozen calling Fish Crows were festooned on various perches within the plaza. While waiting at the light to exit I opened the moon roof of my car to look up at several Fish Crows perched on power lines above. Bright sunshine, warming temps, and very vocal Fish Crows seemed strong portents of the coming Spring! Then I realized I was sitting in an open top car below several large perched corvids, and I closed the moon roof. The Fates will tolerate only so much arrogance before they make the crows poop.

From Dave Provencher
1/7/13 - Norwich, west side shopping center - 2 dozen (at least) Fish Crows among many hundreds of American Crows


David Provencher

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