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Hi Paul:

Thanks for sending out Gary's post explaining the 'big deal' over yard...

For years, I have kept a list of yard birds and will do so again this
year.  My property is about 1.5 acres so I am in the yard classification
from what I have been reading.

Just to clear up something - if I see a bird fly over my yard I can count
it but if it flies over neighbor's yard I cannot count it - right?

Thanks again,


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> Dear Paul, What yard bird contest are you talking about? Please repost
> what this
> is about. -WinieWirth, Milford
> P.S. I enjoy your posts.
> Answer: The suggestion was to have a competition to count the most bird
> species
> you see in your yard for 2013.
> What is a yard-?
>  for those with small yards, it might be fair to have an acre as a  minimum
> size. If you have less than an acre, than measure out from your  house on
> all
> sides with your house in the middle, one square acre.(or you can have your
> house
> anywhere within.) If  you have more than an acre, than do the same - an
> acre
> with your house  in the middle. This way, it will be a fair contest for
> all, no
> mater  what kind of property you might have.
> This does not include birds you see from your property that are off your
> property. You can only count birds flying directly over your property line.
> Good luck, have fun and start counting! Their are at least 19 people i
> know who
> are counting for this list so far -  Paul
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