[CT Birds] Trumpeter Swans... official?

Jonah Cohen jonahc at cox.net
Tue Jan 8 15:03:54 EST 2013

So, the gigantic waterfowl have brought up a question:

I know that you can count whatever you decide for your own list... it's not like they're handing out prize money for seeing the swans at Konolds Pond. (If they are, please let me know!) But in general, what ARE the criteria for whether a species is accepted on the state list? Mute swans are introduced, too, but they've been around for, what... 100+ years? The trumpeters have been here a lot less than that, I assume. What's the benchmark for deciding "OK, this species is established here" - breeding? X number of years in the state? X number of individuals?

Jonah Cohen

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