[CT Birds] Trumpeter Swans... official?

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This question has been addressed in recent ARCC reports, which are available 
on line at the COA website, www.ctbirding.org. It's a little complicated so 
rather than run through it here, please check out that resource. Information 
is available in the 15th and 17th Reports.

Greg Hanisek
Avian Records Committee of Connecticut

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> So, the gigantic waterfowl have brought up a question:
> I know that you can count whatever you decide for your own list... it's 
> not like they're handing out prize money for seeing the swans at Konolds 
> Pond. (If they are, please let me know!) But in general, what ARE the 
> criteria for whether a species is accepted on the state list? Mute swans 
> are introduced, too, but they've been around for, what... 100+ years? The 
> trumpeters have been here a lot less than that, I assume. What's the 
> benchmark for deciding "OK, this species is established here" - breeding? 
> X number of years in the state? X number of individuals?
> Jonah Cohen
> Newington
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