[CT Birds] Redpolls and bird silliness

jayne.neville at cox.net jayne.neville at cox.net
Wed Jan 9 19:35:43 EST 2013

CT Birders,

Happy New Year!

The new year brought Common redpolls to the sanctuary which I am thoroughly enjoying as I have not seen them in several years. 

As of yet I have not had any sightings of Pine grosbeaks, evening grosbeaks, bohemian waxwings or crossbills. Although cone production is not abundant there is tons of berries, crabapples and hollies as the resident mockingbird is keeping close watch on them. As they do not see fit to visit the sanctuary of their free will hasn't anyone seen a hit-by-car, cat caught or window strike? Seriously going on 16 years of rehabilitation and only a white -winged crossbill transferred all the way from New Hampshire has crossed the sanctuary boundaries!

I am almost ready to pay for the privilege to rehab one of these cool northern visitors! So keeping my strong desire in mind to spend some time with these species I am also having withdrawals from Pileated woodpeckers and would happily give up hours of my time to hang with them as well!

Can you tell rehab is quiet right now??????

I posted up some more photos of other admits and visitors to the sanctuary. Check it out!


Jayne Neville
Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary

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