[CT Birds] Monk Parakeets Invasive

Dan Rottino rottino at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 9 19:50:05 EST 2013

Like many invasive species, Bittersweet comes to mind, if u don't root it all out, it only makes the problem worse.  Chopping down bittersweet only makes the roots sprout more shoots therefore multiplying the problem. I attended an invasive species workshop last May and this is exactly what happens With many invasives.  Roy's hypothesis is logical and can be tested/documented.  So Roy, that is the start of the scientific process.  Your idea is a testable scientific hypothesis.  Evidence is needed.  The hypothesis can be supported by evidence or not in the end.  Kevin are you the one who can accomplish this task?  P. S.  I can occasionally monitor that nest if it would be helpful / I took a look at it today for example.

They've gotta be somewhere.
Dan Rottino
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