[CT Birds] Monk Parakeets Invasive

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This discussion highlights the importance of good scientific investigation 
in wildlife management.  To eradicate or encourage a species, you need to 
understand their feeding, habitat and behavioral needs.  Monk parakeets are 
colonial birds, meaning they live and breed in colonies, sometimes large 
ones.   The prevailing theory about their colonies is that, by breaking up 
the colony, you cause the death of the birds.  Certainly the lack of birds 
in large numbers, following destruction of the nests, seems to support that 
theory.  So, maybe they're not like bittersweet or some other invasives, but 
rather like bees, where an essential element (the queen, or the critical 
mass of birds) is necessary to the health and existence of the whole colony.

Sarah Faulkner
Collinsville, CT

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> Like many invasive species, Bittersweet comes to mind, if u don't root it 
> all out, it only makes the problem worse.  Chopping down bittersweet only 
> makes the roots sprout more shoots therefore multiplying the problem. I 
> attended an invasive species workshop last May and this is exactly what 
> happens With many invasives.  Roy's hypothesis is logical and can be 
> tested/documented.  So Roy, that is the start of the scientific process. 
> Your idea is a testable scientific hypothesis.  Evidence is needed.  The 
> hypothesis can be supported by evidence or not in the end.  Kevin are you 
> the one who can accomplish this task?  P. S.  I can occasionally monitor 
> that nest if it would be helpful / I took a look at it today for example.
> They've gotta be somewhere.
> Dan Rottino
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