[CT Birds] Unprotected bird species

Steve Morytko smorytko at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 11 14:03:37 EST 2013

I wonder if any state has ever enacted regulations and/or legislation that protects species that are NOT protected by the Migratory Bird Act? I just read that a number of game birds, including Wild Turkey, are not protected by this act. Of course their populations are regulated by hunting laws in virtually all states so they actually are protected. 

Changes to the Migratory Bird Act would take and act of Congress (can you say dysfunctional?), but an enlightened state might manage "unprotected" species in unique ways. It's clear there are 2 sides to the discussion - even in birding circles - but it might be worth investigating. 

Lightheartedly, Monk Parakeet advocates might hope for a hunting season on them as they would likely be impossible to hunt since virtually all live in the confines of highly populated areas where it's against the law to carry a loaded firearm (within 500' of a home). 

To my horror I see that Pink-footed Goose is NOT protected! Keep that in mind when viewing them ... Graylag too! :)

Steve Morytko
Ashford, CT

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