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 Jan. 13th - Approx. 12 common redpolls at Stratford boat launch area.

Jay Kaplan & Jamie Meyers



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Yes, there is a big redpoll irruption under way.  Your best bet for specifics on this would be to look through the archives of CTbirds, where people are reporting locations and numbers:

Or on eBird, where they provide ways to explore data and see what people are submitting:

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Hi Greg, Patrick & Jay,
     Winter greetings to all of you and I hope that you enjoyed the holiday season with family and friends.  I'm writing in hopes of receiving some brief information about common redpolls in Connecticut this winter.  I'm not currently receiving the CT Birding Listserve and have been asked to write a short article for our monthly Cornwall Chroniclenewsletter about flocks of redpolls turning up at several feeders in town, including mine.

      For Greg's winter field notes, I can add:
-  Common redpolls here in West Cornwall village beginning on New Years Day (2), increasing to 8-10 and then 15-20 within two or three days, with my maximum flock number at around 35-40 or so, and they are continuing daily so far.  Eating black oil sunflower and nyger seed.
-  Similar flock size at another feeder in North Cornwall during this period, though the birds are more intermittent, and one instance of a flock of over 100 redpolls descending on another feeding station in North Cornwall on January 11th for a short period, and then departing.

      I would very much appreciate a couple of quick notes regarding whether other parts of CT are reporting redpoll flocks this month, and something about town locations and numbers, etc. if possible.  If you could share a return email ASAP I would be grateful, as I have to submit this short article within a couple of days.

        Thanks very much in advance for your assistance, which would be so helpful.
             all the best,


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