[CT Birds] Assorted reports

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Mon Jan 14 22:18:26 EST 2013

Passing these along.

 From Val and Chris melnikov. 01/13/13. 14:00. Stratford. CT. Frash Pond 
behind Dunkin. Ruddy Ducks, two mixing in with 20-30 Cans. Usual gang of 
mergys. 14:15 Stratford boat launch, in weeds at waters edge 35-40 
American Coots. Stratford par three golf course, at edge of pond Great 
Egret. The fog hides some but gives away others.

 From: Vicky Daly
1/13/13 - Sherman yard - COMMON REDPOLLS (16 on 1/12/13; 40 on 1/13/13). On and under thistle and mixed seed feeders.

 From Barney Bontecou, Stratford, CT
1/14/13  1:45 PM
Sikorsky Airport
In the 3 deciduous trees on left just inside airport entrance to left of
brick building 17 boat tail grackles. Flew off when the nice male kestrel
flew by, then landed in same trees, sometimes on ground eating.
2 red tail hawks flying over runway fields
1 kingfisher in shrub over "pond" on right of airport entrance

 From Dan Rottino:
1/14/13- Willimantic, 4pm-- 1 BLACK VULTURE in a kettle with 14 TURKEY VULTURE.  I pulled over to get a clear view and saw the whitish wing tips and short tail.  The flight profile is what caught my eye.  Willi always has many Turkey Viltures but this is the first time I have spotted Black Vulture there.

 From Mike and Judy Whittlesey
01/14/13- Hilltop Rd., Windsor
1 Hoary Redpolls, 2 Common Redpoll, 3 Red-breasted Nuthaches
at our feeders.
Five Common Mergansers with one female Canvasback in tow out 
on the Rainbow Reservoir.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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