[CT Birds] Grackles in the yard

Steve Morytko smorytko at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 17 07:32:55 EST 2013


In the fall and sometimes the spring we sometimes have close to 2000 Common Grackles in the yard and more in the nearby fields. It's a spectacular event that, as you mentioned, can be appreciated with the shades down! The "grackling" and wing noise is penetrating. Usually there are few other "blackbird" species mixed in and sometimes we get lucky and see a few Rusty Blackbirds or really lucky and Yellow-headed Blackbird! I had one in a grackle flock on the Trailwood CBC this year.

Then, in the early spring, flocks with many hundreds of Red-winged Blackbirds come into the yard showing off their red and yellow epaulets - pure eye candy when they go up as a flock. They too hang around for a few weeks before moving on. Yes, the seed bill goes up when they're around but it's worth it. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Steve Morytko
Ashford, CT

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