[CT Birds] Vultures in CT in January and Barred Owl

David Provencher davidprovencher at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 19 17:05:59 EST 2013

With regard to Jamie's post, It's funny how much of  a difference just a
handful of miles can make. Multiple Turkey Vultures and Black Vultures
sightings are daily occurrences in the southeast lowlands this January.
Admittedly there are topographical and ecological factors in play as well.


I saw another day hunting Barred Owl today while I was hiking in Salem. This
one, hunting at midday, barely changed its fairly low perch when I passed
underneath it. I have seen a number of day hunting Barreds this winter while
hiking, and I still believe the small mammal population in my area is
depressed. I hike well over a 100 miles in CT each month whether in snow or
mud or dry. Snowfalls are decent indicators of the vole activity because
voles often tunnel in the snow when foraging. As the snow melts, these
tunnels become very evident as tracks where the ground shows through the
remaining snow. They are instantly recognizable even when one isn't looking
for them. I have seen precious few of these tracks as the snow has melted
off after each snowfall in my area, whether in Pine Vole habitat or Meadow
Vole habitat. I also have seen fewer White-Footed Mouse prints this winter
as well, but no shortage of Coyote Tracks!   


Dave Provencher

Naturally New England


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