[CT Birds] White Ibis, American Bittern

Angeladimmitt at aol.com Angeladimmitt at aol.com
Sun Jan 20 22:46:52 EST 2013

>From Angela Dimmitt
1/20 - Stratford, Warehouse Pond - Sunset Saga:  WHITE IBIS - yes,  plus 
AMERICAN BITTERN.  Determined to see the illusive Ibis today, I sat  down on a 
rock by the pond facing the fallen tree to watch the sunset and await  the 
Ibis's arrival. 
5:00 - sun set;  
5:05 - Great egret landed on fallen tree;  
5:10 - Egret flew off south;  
5:15 - 2 Great Egrets flew over pond south to north;
5:20 - American Bittern flew over west to east - I thought it was an  
immature night-heron until it was overhead and I cried aloud OMG it's a  Bittern!
5:25 - Ibis (presumably White) flew across pond and continued (buffeting  
the wind) towards the north-west!
Nobody roosted in the "usual place".
Angela Dimmitt

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