[CT Birds] 60 Common Redpoll - 2 Pine Siskin

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 21 13:47:23 EST 2013

60 Common Redpoll today at feeders.

  I fluctuate from 5 to 40 each day, with 100+ earlier in the season.
However - their visits are confined to no more than 10-15 minuets tops, unlike 
previous years where they fed for sometimes an hour, with my approach being 
accepted till nearly being stepped on.

 With an above average breeding season for Common Redpolls to our north, and a 
shortage of Birch seed and other tree seeds there as well, these birds have 
pushed south, even here in CT in good numbers. Unfortunately for them, the food 
crop has also been a poor one here as well, and though this is not a good 
situation for them, as such, it is a good one for us who have Bird Feeders. 

Many reports of this bird are being reported here in CT, especially at our bird 
feeders, for they are hard pressed to find suitable seeds in the wilds of CT. Of 
the few trees that had seeds, most by now have been consumed, leaving them no 
choice but to seek seeds in weedy fields or our feeders. We are barely through 
winter, and they still have a long winter to get through. The Redpolls I get 
here in my Harwinton yard get very spooked at the slightest provocation, unlike 
other years. I guess thats because with their food sources so sparse, when they 
do find one, It has already been chosen as a good reliable site for a predator 
to wait at for an abundance of birds to choose from. This of course is a natural 
happening, but one that makes it a good year for the predator not the prey.

Paul Carrier - Harwinton   

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