[CT Birds] Rough Legged Hawk

John Shepard jwshep at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 22 17:30:38 EST 2013

I had been observing a Red Tail Hawk watching over the edge of our yard for most 
of the day. He had move off about 150 yards to the adjacent property , suddenly 
a Rough Legged hawk appeared on the scene and perched on a dead tree branch in 
the back yard. The resident Red Tail immediately took notice and drove the Rough 
Legged from perch to perch . They got with in 75 ft. of the house . What a 
thrill to see both of these birds together and up-close . The altercation lasted 
about twenty minutes and the Red Tail finally drove the foreign bird off. 

John Shepard  , Portland ,  CT

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