[CT Birds] Assorted Reports

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Wed Jan 23 23:24:43 EST 2013

Passing these along.

 From Penni Sharp
5 common redpolls at feeder, Reeds Gap Road, Northord. They've been seen sporadically since January 5th. 

 From val and chris melnikov, 
01/23/13. Bridgeport front yard feeder. Heard a thud, looked out the window. Saw feathers floating down. went outside, and there it was sitting on a pigeon. Beautiful Coopers Hawk and it's prey. Creeped my wife out but still we were awed. Our luck with accipters and owls these past two months has been super. By the way the hawk and it's lunch is under our forsythia as I write this at 14:04. Cool beyond cool.

 From Ralph Amodei
1/23 Madison, HBSP - 20 White Winged Crossbills at West Pines. Also feeding cones and snow on ground.  1 RB Nuthatch here another in pines towards Meg's Point on right. 1 Tree Sparrow feeding on ground.  This was all between 10 am and noon.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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