[CT Birds] Fw: [NOSbird] Snowy Owl (Coventry)

Chris Elphick elphick at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 26 17:23:51 EST 2013

The message below was posted on the NOS birding list today.  I spent a couple of hours looking this afternoon to no avail.  It sounds as though the bird has been around for a week though, so maybe worth a look if you're in the area. The field Bruce refers to is quite small, but there is a moderately large set of fields directly across the river at Spring Manor Farm, which is UConn property.  

Chris Elphick

Storrs, CT

elphick at sbcglobal.net
I spotted a very white Snowy Owl around noon today eating up in a tree overlooking the hay field on Brigham Tavern Rd in Coventry.  It took off south from there following the Willimantic River as I lost sight of it.  It made my day!
Bruce Gerber




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