[CT Birds] New London -LI Ferry--1/27/13

philiprusch at charter.net philiprusch at charter.net
Sun Jan 27 13:57:42 EST 2013

I took the 7AM ferry this morning to LI and back in search of the TB 
Murre reported back on the 20th.  As has been the norm this winter, the 
middle of the sound was pretty much birdless.   Of note was a total lack 
of Northern Gannets, even in Plum Gut on Long Island. Loons, grebes, and 
sea ducks were also absent from the middle of the sound. Highlights as 

In NY:   11 Razorbills---all in Plum Gut

In CT:   1 female Harlequin Duck-- it was flying south out of the Thames 
River as the ferry was leaving the river.  I watched the bird as it flew 
south out of view 
into the sound.  It appeared to be heading toward Fisher's Island.

              5 Razorbills--all were between the ferry and the CT shore 
between Ocean Beach in New London and Harkness St. Park in Waterford

              2 large alcid sp.-- I don't think these were Razorbills, 
but not totally sure.  I only had a fleeting glimpse of them flying away 
on the return trip .  The birds were in further offshore than the 
Razorbills and closer to Millstone Point.

Phil Rusch

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