[CT Birds] SE CT/SW RI Snowy Owl

Timothy L Thompson twodogs77 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 30 19:58:01 EST 2013

Sandy Point CT/RI demarcation is actually closer to 1/4 Connecticut and 3/4 
Rhode Island (maybe even 1/5 and 4/5).  I did shorebird surveys there last year 
and have kayaked the area.  The available internet photos suggested by Mr. Roy 
Harvey do not show the recent severe damage caused by hurricane Sandy.  The area 
has changed dramatically.  The Connecticut area is very small but has the most 
natural cover (or did, prior to Sandy).  This area is heavily populated with 
Gulls.....especially Black Back.  In fact, I kidded myself about renaming Sandy 
Point to "Black Back Island".  Smaller shorebirds such as Piping Plover have a 
difficult time here.  Glenn you make a great point about the realtionship 
between Sandy Point and Napatree..the two areas work hand in hand as an amazing 
ecosystem and provide so much.  Pat Comins suggests that Sandy may even improve 
some coastal beaches for future nesting sites....let's hope for the best...Sorry 
to digress...Hope the Snowy Owl acclimates and continues at Napatree and Sandy 

Timothy L. Thompson
Norwich, CT

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