[CT Birds] Red Knot and more....

danforth1723 at att.net danforth1723 at att.net
Sun Feb 3 07:03:08 EST 2013

All at Meigs point, between 1:00 and 3:00 Saturday 2/2/13.


I've got to say the Ruddy Turnstones were really cool. Very pretty with
their orange legs. There was a rock out in the water about fifty yards away
that they would all fly to from the sandbar and alight on along with some
Black-bellied Plovers.


The Red Knot was a couple hundred yards out on a rock all by it's self. He
just sat there looking around for  the longest time while we were trying to
figure out what he was. The Sibley guide had me torn between a couple of
pipers, but the Peterson really hit it. Then when we got home I Googled
winter plumage images and it confirmed what we were seeing. Had the scope on
him for about twenty minutes. Lifer for me.


The Iceland Gull was really cool too. He was really close with a bunch of
other gulls at the beach covered with shells. We watched him for a while
with the bins and scope. 


Also saw; Northern Harrier, Surf Scoter, Horned Grebe, Com. Merganser, Com.

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