[CT Birds] lapwings in North America

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 18:17:19 EST 2013

The following northern lapwing info from Rachel Farrell and from Frank
Mantlik reminds us that this might be the year when transatlantic lapwings
survive the winter in North America, and MIGHT POSSIBLY breed here (
http://checklist.aou.org/taxa/369).  A possibility to keep in mind over the
next several months, if the current blizzard hopefully does not kill them...
> Subject: [RI Birds] 2/3/13 Lapwings in the Northeast
> The RI Northern Lapwings are not the Nantucket lapwings.  Thanks to Trish
Pastuszak who searched for the Nantucket  lapwings and found both of them
yesterday.  According to Vern Laux and Dick Veit, there are currently 3
lapwings in NJ, 2 on Nantucket, 2 in RI, for a total of 7 that are known.
 Vern states that there were at least a dozen individuals seen after Super
Storm Sandy, and he believes that there are still some undiscovered birds.
Tom Robben, Glastonbury CT

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