[CT Birds] ID help - in Bozrah

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Unfortunately the only pic I could get was with my phone and it wasn't close enough to really be any good. Ashamed to say I didn't have my binos with me; fixing that problem tonight. I will say with a good amount of certainty and experience, it was not a gull.

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> My first thought, without a pic to show, is a seagull.  
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> From my post earlier today (re black vultures) I mentioned that on the outer
> edge of the group there was a white bird that appeared to be a vulture also.
> My first thought was albino.  There didn't seem to be any restlessness in
> the group but while I was watching the blacks haggle over the carcus, the
> white bird took off.  I didn't realize it had taken flight until it was
> heading off up and across the field.
> My dilemma is that when I looked up albino vultures; it doesn't seem very
> likely that it was one... So I am at a loss as to what it might have been.
> While it was on the ground with all the rest it appeared to be a vulture.
> Never did get a good look at the head (it was all crouched down). I missed
> it getting up to take flight.  In flight the wingspan was all as big as a
> vultures and on the underside at the wingtips there were some dark/black
> feathers.  But the bird was ALL white except for those feathers at the tips.
> The field is by work, so I will be going back to the area again to see if I
> get lucky. 
> Any help and/ideas would be appreciated.
> Dave Carey
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