[CT Birds] Big January 2013 results

charles barnard jr chbarnjr at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 22:00:27 EST 2013

The bird under discussion comes across to me as being a Saltmarsh Sparrow.

I do see dusky streaking within the supercilium, behind the eye. This fits
Saltmarsh Sparrow.  Also, the streaking characteristics look similar to the
many Saltmarsh Sparrows which nest in Stratford and Pine Creek in
Fairfield. There is some variability in this, but I think that the
streaking fits within the range of Saltmarsh  The chest has a white
background, with only a faint trace of yellow/orange. This fits Saltmarsh,
many of which show only faint chest color.  In contrast, the face shows
strong color, as it does on this bird


If this were a Nelson's of any race, the face and chest should match in
both color and the density of that color. On a Nelson's chest, there is a
strong and clean-cut line of demarcation between the chest color and the
belly. They have an almost bib like appearance.  That is totally lacking on
this bird.

The bill looks a bit short for a Saltmarsh, but other than that I have no
other reason to think that it is not a Saltmarsh Sparrow. I don't see any
sign of the subvirgatus race of Nelson's Sparrow in this bird at all.

Charlie Barnard Jr.

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