[CT Birds] Bad winter for all...

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Fri Feb 8 11:31:08 EST 2013

To ad to Nicks comments...

I agree with Nick on the Redpolls. They seem to be constantly moving around up 
here in the North corner. Last week I had 50 plus, and each day since the 
numbers have changed, showing me they are constantly coming and going. I have 2 
Redpolls that are always here though, seemingly knowing where the steady food 
supply is. Within these new daily Redpolls have been 2 that fit Hoary, but never 
got to clinch them completely. 

Also: It seems the rodent population is at a low up here as well. I haven't 
caught one since last November, and no tracks seen in the snow, and that's 
unusual. I believe this is why the local pair of Red-Shoulders is being seen 
daily in my yard eying the compost pile. I deposit food scraps there daily, and 
they are always around. They wait up in the Oak tree for me to come out with my 
deposits, and do not fly off, staying just 30 feet up above me. This morning I 
deposited left over Lasagna, and at my departure, I saw both eating it while 3 
Crows waiting their turn.

I am concerned for all these birds staying here for the winter, with little if 
any wild food crop left for them to eat. Even the habit of wandering around for 
available food seems to be fruitless now, and I am guessing, it might come to 
our feeder offerings being the last resort for many birds, especially after the 
snows we will be getting today. Please keep your feeders full!

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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