[CT Birds] Sharp-tailed Sparrow Pictures

Bill Asteriades bill.asteriades at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 20:03:43 EST 2013

In case anyone is interested following is a link to the other pictures of
the sharp-tailed sparrow seen on 1/12/2013 in the East River Marsh Complex
of Guilford, provided to certain birders who requested them.  I stopped at
the Complex to kill sometime before Hammo opened and noticed some sparrows
by the dirt road leading to the dock. I observed them from the car (good
blind) and noted that they were secretive as they moved about in the
cattails. I pished one close and was able to snap some pic's of this one
bird. The other 3 were observed with bin's and were 30-40 feet deeper in
the marsh.


Thank you to all the birders who offered their insights and research
efforts especially Mark Szantyr, Dave Provencher, Chris Elphik and Charlie
Barnard. I am not sure we have a full agreement amongst everyone which can
show the challenges one faces in identifying sharp-tailed sparrows and
their subspecies.

Bill Asteriades
South Glastonbury, CT

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