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I've never seen chili-flavored bird food, but my folks used to mix cayenne pepper into their sunflower seed. Their 

feeder was on top of a deck rail and frequently raided by racoons until they added the spice . Kept the squirrels at 

bay as well. 

PetSmart sells Stokes brand suet--it's high quality suet . I paid $12.99 for a 10-pack, I think that's a pretty good price . 

Jean, East Hartford 

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The only store that I know of selling suet is Stop and Shop. I buy three or four packages when I can as they often are out. I freezes the suet until needed. In a pich I use the commercial stuff. My birds eat all of it and hammer away all day every day. 

Perhaps the suet flavor you use is turning them off. 

Speaking of bird chow...I see Lowe's has a chili-infused pellet-like food for birds. I assume to deters squirrels. Has anyone tried chill flavored bird food? 

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They like junk food, just like people! 

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