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Jim Zipp jimzipp at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 13 09:13:42 EST 2013

>From Jim and Carol Zipp
2/12/13 - Hamden yard, Brooksvale area

After that one day blip up to 155 Rusty Blackbirds it settled back down to the 
steady 50-60.  Since the storm it has swelled again to sometimes approx 120.  
The way I've counted is by taking a photo or video of the birds on the ground 
and then counting them with a grid in photoshop to get a close count and then 
seeing what portion of the flock landed.  The photo will represent only a 
portion of the flock as it's rare that all of them make it to the ground before 
they all take off at once to the trees again.  

People have asked what I feed them.  We put a fairly large amount of seed on the 
snow for the ground feeders and have been using a mix heavy in hulled sunflower 
but also including black oil, white millet and peanuts.  The Rusty's eat 
everything but neatly pick around the black oil and rarely eat any of that.  The 
cardinals don't mind.....
Also note that even with this number of birds, I've yet to see even one Rusty 
Blackbird ever land on any feeder including platforms.

Here's a quick video of the rusty's coming down to the ground and shows the 
typical way they drop in and then fly out.  They are also spending a lot of time 
in the tree tops singing now as well.


Interestingly this past week we've had a flock of now up to 35 all female 
red-winged blackbirds join them at times which we've never noted over the 
years.  A handful of Cowbirds too but no Grackles yet.

Also, up to 6 Tree Sparrows, 2 Fox Sparrows, 6 Common Redpoll.

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