[CT Birds] Article on large decline in duck stamp sales

charles barnard jr chbarnjr at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 11:20:16 EST 2013

This article might be of interest. If the link does not work, just go to
the ABA blog and scroll down.


Considering that hunting is declining ( BTW,  I have no quarrel with most
hunting at all. I did my share of hunting when I was younger), I think that
the USFWS might consider making a stronger pitch to birders and other
conservationists to buy the duck stamp. Some wildliife professionals have
a tendency to portray birders as "free loaders" as compared to hunters when
it comes to spending money on conservation purposes. That is a big mistake,
in my view.

At one time purchasers of duck stamps were asked to fill out a questionaire
which was meant to determine how many duck stamp purchasers were
non-hunters. I never did hear the results and the question has not been
asked again for quite a few years. Does anyone out there know the
approximate percentage of non-hunters who buy the duck stamp?

Charlie Barnard Jr
Stratford, CT

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