[CT Birds] Article on large decline in duck stamp sales

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Duck stamps have long been popular with U.S. stamp collectors, both because of their beauty, and because the earliest ones are fairly scarce. Unfortunately, stamp collecting in general is dying out as a hobby as these days young people have a myriad of far more enticing free-time activities available. In addition, the government opportunistically started printing stamps especially for collectors which, much like killing the goose that laid the golden egg, instead took much of the fun and challenge out of collecting. Most stamp collections, with a few exceptions, have actually lost considerable value over the past quarter century. That readily helps to explain the declining interest in duck stamps.

John Schwarz

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This article might be of interest. If the link does not work, just go to
the ABA blog and scroll down.


Considering that hunting is declining ( BTW,  I have no quarrel with most
hunting at all. I did my share of hunting when I was younger), I think that
the USFWS might consider making a stronger pitch to birders and other
conservationists to buy the duck stamp. Some wildliife professionals have
a tendency to portray birders as "free loaders" as compared to hunters when
it comes to spending money on conservation purposes. That is a big mistake,
in my view.

At one time purchasers of duck stamps were asked to fill out a questionaire
which was meant to determine how many duck stamp purchasers were
non-hunters. I never did hear the results and the question has not been
asked again for quite a few years. Does anyone out there know the
approximate percentage of non-hunters who buy the duck stamp?

Charlie Barnard Jr
Stratford, CT
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