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Please buy CT Duck Stamps.  All of the money goes towards habitat protection 
here in our state.  There is also a $2 migratory bird donation that you can make 
as well.

All of these monies are extremely helpful towards conservation in our state, but 
not nearly enough.  The income tax checkoff isn't nearly enough.

We need a stable, dedicated source of money for habitat protection and for non 
hunted wildlife.  The hunters have ponied up, they pay 11% on all ammunition and 
hunting equipment.  That 11% tax goes back to habitat protection and wildlife 
management.  In CT that amounts to over $2,900,000 annually that goes into 
habitat protection and management.  But, mostly targeting hunted species, as 
well it should, given where the money comes from.

Shouldn't we be willing to pay towards the things we cherish?  A 10% tariff on 
bird seed, for instance, could raise over $6,000,000 annually in CT. Thats $3 a 
bag.  Think about what good things could be done by Land Trusts, Conservation 
Commissions, the Audubons, The CT DEEP with that kind of bankroll. 

Min Huang

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Hi all,

Most of the money collected for Federal Duck Stamps goes directly towards 
habitat conservation (see below*). With a decline in stamp sales, there is a 
decline in available dollars. Birders can make a huge difference by purchasing 
these stamps, and have the added benefit of giving "free" access to National 
Wildlife Refuges. Daily access rates can be quite expensive, otherwise. I give 
them as birthday presents to friends. I believe the new one comes out July 1 and 
cost $15, although an artist signed one can be purchased for $25. Buy a few, 
it's worth it!! They can be purchased from a number of places: 

You can buy Federal Duck Stamps from the following vendors:

United States Postal Service

Phone: 1-800 STAMP-24 (1-800-782-6724)

Online: The Postal Store
Note: Once at the website enter search text "Duck Stamps" in upper right hand 

Select Post Office Locations:  Find a post office near you. 
Note: Call your local post office to check Duck Stamp availability.

Amplex Corporation (the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's distributor)

Phone: 1-800-852-4897

Online: www.duckstamp.com

Duck Stamps can also be purchased at most major sporting goods stores and large 
chain stores that sell hunting and fishing licenses.
You may also buy Duck Stamps at many national wildlife refuges. Find refuges 
near you at www.fws.gov/refuges. Call the refuge first to ensure they sell the 

* From the Gov. page: "Federal Duck Stamps are a vital tool for wetland 
conservation. Ninety-eight cents out of every dollar generated by the sale of 
Federal Duck Stamps goes directly to purchase or lease wetland habitat for 
protection in the National Wildlife Refuge System. Understandably, the Federal 
Duck Stamp has been called one of the most successful conservation programs ever 
initiated and is a highly effective way to conserve America’s natural 

Frank Gallo

Life is short. Bird often.

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