[CT Birds] fox sparrow,eastern towhee

Gary Witte wirthwitte at att.net
Fri Feb 15 01:56:06 EST 2013


I had a Fox Sparrow ground-feeding at my feeder in Milford (Woodmont side) early 
Nov, then every week since 12-18. Pretty much daily since the middle of January, 
and after Nemo, I have a second, larger Fox Sparrow joining Monday and 
Thursday. I also had a female Eastern Towhee show up 2-8 (first day of storm) 
and pretty much live at my feeder all week. They all come in together with other 
sparrow species (1-2 Song Sparrows, 3-5 White-throated Sparrows, and 2-3 
Juncos). One big happy family except for the Song Sparrow which frequently 
charges White-throats aggressively (and even 2 male Cardinals on 1-28!).  

Along with  7 Cardinals and assorted finches, I think they're one mixed-species 
 flock that goes around together, possibly on a circuit of neighborhood feeders? 
I'm not sure if the titmice, chickadees and woodpeckers travel with them-they 
might tend to stay in my yard. Do other people's feeder birds all come and go 
together in a big flock?

Winie Wirth, Milford

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