[CT Birds] Gulls today

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Sun Feb 17 18:02:44 EST 2013

Made a late morning/early afternoon run down to the coast from West  
port to Madison. Here are the highlights:

Burying Hill Beach, Westport- the larger adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED  
GULL made an appearance about noon. Also present in the small gull  
flock was an adult Herring Gull with bright yellow legs, and a very  
interesting small pale Gull. The Gull had a short black bill, small  
head, pale beige plumage (with slight pinkish cast), and unusual  
markings on the tail, wings and upper tail coverts. Images now being  

West Haven boat ramp- plenty of Gulls present tucked up along the  
shore escaping the wind- nothing unusual. Jen spotted an immature  
Red-tailed Hawk on one of the snow piles that have clogged the parking  
lot from the city dump trucks. The Hawk was feeding on a Swan carcass  
on top of one of the piles that was probably pushed there by the  
bucket loader that has been shoving the snow into the harbor....what a  

Circle Beach, Madison- 2 ICELAND GULLS. The adult ICELAND GULL  
continues, with a second ICELAND GULL, a 1st winter bird. This Gull  
makes the 6th ICELAND GULL on Circle Beach this month (2 adults, 3  
second cycle, 1 first cycle), and the 8th on the Madison coast between  
Hammo and Circle Beach. Now it's time for a Glaucous Gull!

Keith and Jen Mueller

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