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Mon Feb 18 15:36:10 EST 2013

Meigs Pt Hammo. New 2nd Cycle Gull to the area..it is not one of the other Gulls from this Month....that makes 9. There is a large gull feeding frenzy on along the cove of the Moraine TrAil incl the Iceland Gull and the adult  LSR BB which landed on he boulders at the end of the trail. It stayed for a minute and then flew towards Clinton.

When I got back to my truck a 1st cycle  Iceland Gull just flew by and landed on the beach across from the Nature Center.....I am now going there to see if I can find it. That makes 10!

Looks like the slipper shells are mating....the big Gull flocks can't be far behind.

Keith Mueller
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