[CT Birds] Todays curious gull in Windsor

Mark Szantyr birdinggeek at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 18:20:02 EST 2013


Found this gull while scouting for Thursday's Gull Workshop at the Windsor Landfill. Many aspects of this bird suggest that it might be a first calendar year Slaty-backed Gull. There are only two previous state records for this species and this plumage is a very difficult one to sort out. As i said, many characters lead to this very tentative identification and i have sent the images out for consultation with some people who might have more experience than I do with the species. 

I post this as a disclaimer for Thursday. We may refind this bird. If we do, that will be cool because it is a very neat and  interesting gull. it still might not be positively identified to species... Heck, it might never be.  

And that is why i love looking at gulls!

Photos above. 


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