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Just because all of the photos were Golden-crowned doesn't necessarily mean that there weren't any Ruby-crowned mixed in.  Did you happen to hear any of the calls the birds were doing?  They both have very different calls, with the G-c doing a think zee,zee,zee and R-c a harsher and louder "did-it"  Both are pretty vocal.

By the way the bird that is least likely to get accepted from the count was one of my own, a possible Yellow-legged Gull in Windsor.   Tough to rule out a hybrid Herring X Lesser Black-backed and I keep waffling myself.  Currently I'm back to thinking about the possibility of a Yellow-legged gull.


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1837 and 1838 are the same kinglet, 1839 and 1841 are another, and 1842 still another (one which I was confident was a Golden-Crowned Kinglet except I am going by the field mark of requiring a black eye stripe or ring for clear definition, and a certain yellow or orange crown).   It was complicated keeping track as one group appearing Ruby-Crowned was crossing paths in opposite directions with a large group which I had already seen were Golden-Crowned.

If the absence of a black eye-stripe/ring is not a field mark then that is different from what I was looking for.  It also seems to bear out that these are two distinct groups of Kinglets as I find either small numbers appeaing as Ruby-Crowned or small and larger numbers of Golden-Crowned throughout Pachaug State Forest Chapman Falls Area and in Hopeville Pond State Park as well as in woods and cornfields adjacent to where I live.  So it helps to have accepted identification ponts as to observing whether they are clearly the same types of kinglets or not.

Brian Williams

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