[CT Birds] Indigo Bunting, et al

Christopher Loscalzo closcalz at optonline.net
Fri Feb 22 07:24:42 EST 2013

2/22/13, in Woodbridge:  the winter male INDIGO BUNTING continues at our
feeder for the 37th day.  He is getting bolder, chasing other birds off the
tray as he feeds.  Also at the feeder this morning was a Hermit Thrush.  He
was eating some of the chopped nuts there.  I have seen this species in my
yard in winter before, eating berries.  This is the first time I have ever
seen it on the feeder, likely a reflection of the limited supply of berries
in the northeast this winter.  Similarly, two Northern Flickers visited the
feeder this morning.


Chris Loscalzo,


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