[CT Birds] Beautiful Song suggestion

Sheril Frano sfrano at att.net
Sun Feb 24 11:45:02 EST 2013

I recently experienced this too and found the source - a very active and
vocal Mockingbird; already being incredibly territorial around three back
gardens here in Hamden. I was convinced I had a special early spring visitor
but am just so happy to hear the song. I hope it doesn't drive away any of
my other spring nesters in the coming weeks, then I will not be so thrilled.

Spring Glen  

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7AM.Walking dog without bins down Maple South in Westport onto Clapboard
toward Greens Farms road, heard a couple faint peents that indicate
Woodcocks have returned (near where I'd heard them last year). High in a
tree was a bird singing a lovely cascade of warbles with a burry raspberry
about 3/4 through it. Really beautiful and not just I've been starved for
birdsong. I've been searching on line for the song -- somewhat similar to a
Fox Sparrow but I don't think that was it.  Please send suggestions?


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