[CT Birds] Geese Spectacle @ Broad Brook includes Snow Geese

Dan Rottino rottino at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 27 19:28:38 EST 2013

I went to Broad Brook Mill Pond this afternoon in hopes of finding the previously reported Greater White Fronted and Snow Geese.  I arrived at 4pm with exactly 2 dozen geese on the pond to my disappointment after having driven 50 miles.  I decided to wait and see if some would fly in as I had seen this happen before on a small scale having gone there about five times this winter.  They began trickling in by the dozens, and then within 30 minutes by the hundreds.  I tracked each batch to look for a white snow goose but they dropped out of the sky so fast I couldn't keep up.  At one point there were approximately 500 geese in the air over the pond circling and landing with a steady stream coming in from afar.  At 5:30 with approx 3500 geese I scanned the pond and spotted two snow geese.  I believe they are the blue-morph variety which explains why I missed them coming down.  With the light dimming I did have to give up looking for the GWF.  There were still geese coming in at 6pm when I left and estimated 4000 were present.  It was an amazing spectacle of nature.

They've gotta be somewhere.
Dan Rottino
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