[CT Birds] of Ruffed grouse here in CT.

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Thu Feb 28 11:03:41 EST 2013

Just a note here on the sightings of Ruffed grouse here in CT.
Last year - 2012, I observed only 2 RUFFED GROUSE here in CT. Being retired,I 
get to bird often here in NW CT, 2-3 days a week and many hundreds of hours 
a year, and to see only 2 Ruffed Grouse up here in much prime habitat is a 
disgrace on our efforts to help this dwindling species in our State.
 Each year it seems this species is loosing ground here in CT, and I once again 

The on going argument of the loss of Grouse habitat is not a good one, for in 
the NW corner of our State, the habitat is excellent in some areas,
 but the Grouse are not increasing there because some, if not much of it is 
still open to Grouse hunting! How can the Grouse come back in healthy 
numbers when they are not protected by eliminating them from the hunting list 
till their numbers come back? 
Every killed Grouse by a hunter, is one less breeding bird that could have 
helped restore this species back to a healthy population.

a 2009 post I sent to Ct bird list below: 
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 
   To: ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org  Subject: [CT Birds] the hunting of RUFFED 
 I would like to argue one more point on hunting grouse in our State. As i 
mentioned before, If Hunters have their rights to hunt wildlife here in our 
We as bird watchers should also have our rights to see one! I believe many bird 
watchers if asked about the dwindling grouse population here in CT,
 no mater what the reason for it's down slide might be, would favor the 
elimination of it off the States allowable hunting list.
 We are many, and yet have no say in this? If we all stand together and insist 
taking the RUFFED GROUSE off the States hunting list so their numbers could 
increase,we just might help to improve the survival and comeback of this 
dwindling bird here in our State. We need to be heard, just as hunters get heard
 all the time. This subject is not hunter against bird watcher or vise - versa; 
It's what can we all do to help the Grouse as well as help our interests
 and rights to have the chance to just SEE a RUFFED GROUSE! To me that is the 
point, and a move in the right direction for the birdwatcher, the hunter 
and the Grouse. Am I all alone on this here?  Bird watchers lets hear from you - 
please be heard!   Paul Carrier

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