[CT Birds] More on feeding meats

Delia Berlin delia.berlin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 15:07:58 EST 2013

It's been a lively discussion, with many good points. I do agree with most
of what has been said. We also put out the occasional animal product and
make an effort to supplement all our wild neighbors' diets during rough
periods. As many of you said, we humans already make life very rough for
wildlife, so it would be cynical to try the "natural/hands-off" approach
only when it comes to helping them out. But being a vegetarian myself (not
religiously strict) partly for environmental reasons, I just wanted to point
out to a contrast between feeding seeds versus feeding raised meats. If the
latter became very wide spread, it may have unintended serious consequences.

Also, some found the comment about hawks teaching hunting to their young
confusing, because in February hawks are not at that stage. Sorry to
confuse; it was a general comment, applicable only to hawks that may become
too dependent on humans for food. Thanks for prompting clarification.

Delia Berlin

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