[CT Birds] state of R Grouse here in CT

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Fri Mar 1 09:49:22 EST 2013

Nice comments Jack on the state of R Grouse here in CT. To me, it is a great 
concern to protect the bird first.
Having suitable habitat does no good if the population is or becomes to small to 
re -habitate the suitable land!
That seems to be a simple fact to me - Why is it not for the State? You can not 
get a healthy population going 
again in these habitats unless you have the numbers of birds in the surrounding 
areas to colonize them!  

Lets save the remaining numbers of Grouse NOW, so they can colonize the present 
habitat, then the habitat that will
be there for them in the future! Am I the only one who can see this as the right 
direction to go to save this bird?
The State does studies, it cost time and money - but NOTHING IS SUGGESTED NOR 
GETS DONE to actively
SAVE this dwindling species in our State from becoming extirpated! Instead, the 
remaining birds just remain on the 
acceptable hunting list and get blasted into non existent! For every bird shot, 
that will be one less bird to help breed
 into the future. Seems a simple fact to me.
So as bird watchers and wildlife lovers, we must prepare for the day where we 
will never get the chance to see this
wonderful bird in CT again. At least that's where we are headed right now. And 
to think out State taxes go to 
sustain this kind of thinking and action that is still not working to save a 
vanishing bird, and yet still blame it
solely on loss of Habitat. I'm disgusted and so ashamed at my State for being 
like this...And I hope you all are as well...

Paul Carrier

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