[CT Birds] signs of spring

Gary Witte wirthwitte at att.net
Fri Mar 1 20:33:10 EST 2013

Sign of spring! Flock of 18 turkeys that I haven't seen since the middle of 
December were congregating on the lawn of Woodmont UCC church on New Haven Ave. 
in Milford early this morning, the males all puffed up in courtship splendor, 
just like last spring.

Where have they been? I think they joined another flock for the winter-the 
impressive flock of 30 that roosts where Apple Jack Ln. dead ends into Snowapple 
Ln., just across the street. Maybe foraging is better over there. I'm very 
curious about how big their range is, and how they managed in the 38" of snow!   
      -Winie Wirth, Milford

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