[CT Birds] New & old customers

Christopher Mangels nyctflora at charter.net
Sat Mar 2 19:12:30 EST 2013

In addition to the usual cast of characters at our small feeder--woodpeckers (Downy, Hairy, Red-beliied and lately one Flicker), WB nuthatches,
T titmouse, chickadees and juncos--today we had 3 Bluebirds.  I saw a small group of these passing through the woods several days ago, but in over 
15 years here have never seen them at the feeder before.  Perhaps I just happened to catch them this year.

Two Brown creepers often hang around in the surrounding trees, while the other birds are feeding, but I've never seen them on or even close to the feeder.  
Two pairs of house finches have also been hanging around, and will occasionally go to or on the ground beneath the feeder, but they seem more interested in 
a Christmas ball wreath that is still hanging not far away.  It's composed of Balsam fir & dried statice flowers; I believe it's the latter that they find attractive.

Haven't seen either wren species (Carolina and Winter) that were around regularly a month or so ago.  

Chris Mangels
New Fairfield

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