[CT Birds] Ride 'em squirrel!

David Provencher davidprovencher at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 3 21:14:06 EST 2013

Knowing my background, family, friends, and coworkers often share anecdotes
regarding the natural world with me. I often take these with a grain of salt
as they tend to be heavily anthropomorphized. My older sister who lives in
New Hampshire feeds birds, squirrels, and deer. She has quite an active
yard, and quite a feed bill of course. Anyway, being of an analytical (if
often caffeine soaked) mind, she is a reliable observer who is not subject
to hyperbole in the least. She just told me of this fantastic event this
weekend at her feeding station involving a Wild Turkey and a Gray Squirrel.


Well many animals gather in my sister's yard to partake of her extensive
feeding station. This sometime leads to intra and interspecies territorial
conflicts. This weekend she was watching a Wild Turkey and a Gray Squirrel
squabble over feeding positions. The Turkey would push into the area the
squirrel was in and when the squirrel became agitated the Turkey would
stoically hold its ground. The Turkey continued to repeatedly crowd the
squirrel, and it became apparent that this was not going to stop. The
squirrel clearly was becoming more and more agitated. Suddenly, when the
Turkey turned its flank to the squirrel, the irate squirrel launched itself
at the bird and landed on its back and held on. At this abrupt turn of
events, the bird started to panic and run and flap about to dislodge the
attacker. My sister's descriptive words for the turkey's response involved
primate excrement actually, if you get my drift. Anyway, the squirrel was
successfully dislodged from the bucking bronco-Turkey and the Turkey fled
with alacrity. The squirrel's glory was short lived however as several more
Turkeys arrived shortly afterwards, and it ceded the battlefield to superior
numbers. Just another day in my sister's New Hampshire yard.




Dave Provencher

Naturally New England


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