[CT Birds] Spring Has Sprung!

Elaine Taylor etbchs at aol.com
Sat Mar 9 07:13:07 EST 2013

3/9/2013 6:56am NW Bristol, The first of returning birds has arrived. The sounds of spring are here. CARDINALS (M,F) are calling to each other and stopping by to nibble on Black Sunflower seeds scattered for them on  the snow-covered ground. The cardinal's red color is striking. (FOY) 1 REDWING (m), 5 JUNKO (m,f), 2 SONG SPARROWS , 2 unidentified SPARROWS ( highly streaked chest with no central spot), BLUEBIRDSs are perching on the BB house poles ( houses not up yet), several HOUSE FINCHES  and MOURNING DOVES. The 3 COMMON RAVENS have also returned. I know it's the same ones because one has that distinguishable white feather wing patch. More varieties are coming in to feed every minute....Yea!!! Spring has sprung!
Elaine Taylor

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